Financial Solution

121 @ BIzFinaz – The Ever Ready Business Solution
121’s BIzFinaz has been implemented and supported within local business for more than 3 years. Our customers range from single user ledger only type customers to nationally known companies with multi-user systems, some of which have been tailored by us to meet their individual business needs.

121’s BIzFinaz provides a seamless integration of hardware and software to meet the demanding needs of today’s businesses. We provide our customers with ongoing support services to ensure continuity and robust systems which is so essential in today’s competitive markets.

We offer a comprehensive array of accounting related software, ranging from single user core accounting applications to multi-user systems.

We also provide solution in:

  • Transaction processing system
  • Payment gateways
  • Financial management system
  • Retail Management System
  • Online trading software and portals
  • Mobile Money transfer solution