Goauto Parts Inventory & Accounting

GoAuto Parts Inventory & Accounting is a Parts Inventory and Point of Sale (POS) with complete double Entry Accounting System for managing single auto part stores and retail chain stores.

 What We Offer in this product?

It is the ultimate solution for all your auto part stores requirements. It ffers:

·         Permissions based data entry

·         Easy parts inventory management

·         Point of Sale

·         Automation of financial processes using built-n Accounting System

.     Robust Reporting System

What benefits can GoAuto Parts Inventory & Accounting bring to your business?

Speed and Efficiency

A computerized parts inventory & accounting management system makes everything from inputting information to taking inventory easier. Doing a hand count of inventory can take days, but with GoAuto Part Inventory & Accounting System, the same process can be done in a matter of hours.

Document Generation

Once the GoAuto Part Inventory & Accounting System is in place, managers and workers can use it to automatically generate all kinds of documents, from purchase orders and checks to invoices and account statements. Managers can also use the system to automatically order products when they run low.

Timely Data

With a manual system, the data is only as accurate and up to date as the last hand count. With GoAuto Part Inventory & Accounting System, the management team can pull a report and instantly see how many units are on the floor, how many have sold and which products are selling the fastest.

Reliance on Technology

With GoAuto Part Inventory & Accounting System, your business will be at the mercy of its technology.

Accuracy Issues

GoAuto Part Inventory & Accounting System alone does ensure accuracy, and the inventory data is only as good as the data entry that created it.

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