Hospital Management Information System

A complete Hospital Management Tool developed using C# and SQL Server 2008, it possesses the following features and covers the following given modules:


System Features:

  1. Inpatient Management
  2. Outpatient Management
  3. Doctor’s Appointment Scheduling
  4. Service Management (Room charge, Consultation Charge and predetermine charges for various service given by hospital)
  5. Room and Bed Management
  6. Pharmacy Management and Inventory Management (Supplier information, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Order, Goods receipt, Maintenance of drug inventory, Drug issue to patients and billing, Return of items nearing expiry, Destruction of expired items, Physical stock verification and adjustment, Stock Adjustment, Stock in Hand reports and so on)
  7. Laboratory (Sample Result Entry, Test Report Entry, Result Range for Test, Investigation Request and so on)
  8. Billing Module
  9. Various MIS for internal use.
  10. Reporting System (All types of reports to support management in decision making)

Modules Covered:

  1. Service Module
  2. Parts Module (Parts Sale Purchase)
  3. Finance Module
  4. Sales Module
  5. Recovery Module
  6. CR Module