Contractor Management and Accounting System

An Internet / Intranet based Web Application designed for managing contractor’s business information. This system also includes a highly powerful integrated Accounting System. The system is designed using Microsoft’s latest technologies i-e Asp.Net MVC-3, C# 4.0, JavaScript, J-Query 1.8, CSS-3 and HTML5. For database it uses SQL Server 2008. System Features: Projects management and Clients management Project wise and overall…read more →

Hospital Management Information System

A complete Hospital Management Tool developed using C# and SQL Server 2008, it possesses the following features and covers the following given modules:   System Features: Inpatient Management Outpatient Management Doctor’s Appointment Scheduling Service Management (Room charge, Consultation Charge and predetermine charges for various service given by hospital) Room and Bed Management Pharmacy Management and Inventory Management (Supplier information, Purchase…read more →

Clinic Management System

A Clinic Management System developed using C# and SQL Server 2005. Features Include: Submission of data through role based workflow hierarchies Monitoring and managing Management of longitudinal data for complex and recurring patient visits. Automated and manual capabilities for import, export, and interchange of clinical data Permissions and role based access to the reporting system Inventory management and built-in POS…read more →

Accounts and Inventory Management System + Point of Sale (POS)

A complete solution for Single and Retail Chain Stores.Developed using C# and SQL Server 2008. System Features: Role based access of the users to the system Inventory Management with related Reports Point of Sale System Double entry Accounting System with all financial reports Modules Covered: Inventory Management System Point of Sale System Screenshots:

GoAuto Workshops Management System

What is GoAuto? GoAuto is an Automobile Management System and is one of our most efficient solutions. It is a fully automated solution to cater for all your business needs from new automobile sales to servicing; warehouse management to complex report generation; HR management to customer relationship management. It has been developed using latest Microsoft technologies and can be deployed…read more →


An Ultrabook is a higher-end type of subnotebook defined by Intel. Ultrabooks are designed to feature reduced size (less than 2.1 cm thick) and weight (usually less than 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)) without compromising performance and battery life. They use low-power Intel processors with integrated graphics and unibody chassis to fit larger batteries into smaller cases. Some models have limited…read more →

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ribbon Navigation

This is a Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon Bar – like control for .NET, as all of the code in website, is free and open source. At the time this is being written, is yet the best ribbon available for free. Please refer to the website/blog for more on usage, development and news about this project. Introduction Because of the…read more →